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Mentor Bridge is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to educate communities worldwide how to build thriving startup ecosystems. Entrepreneurship, technology, and investment are all key, but even more important is the ethos of giving back without the expectation of immediate return. From this mindset, communities are more likely to achieve self-sustaining collaborative growth. 

The inspiration for Mentor Bridge came in 2010 when the Tanzanian government asked Paul Bragiel for guidance on establishing a startup mentorship program in Dar es Salaam. As part of this initiative, Paul successfully reached out to his fellow entrepreneurs and technology veterans to volunteer their time and knowledge. The experience made it clear that many communities, especially those in emerging markets, had a need for entrepreneurial mentorship, and that many mentors wanted to help but were unsure of how to connect with this need.

Since then, Mentor Bridge has educated numerous international communities on how to establish and maintain their startup ecosystems. Mentors speak at conferences and universities and provide feedback to aspiring entrepreneurs in smaller sessions. They also meet with influential citizens and public officials, advising them on best practices to foster technology and innovation. With the ongoing support of donors and volunteers, Mentor Bridge will continue to expand these educational activities to startup communities worldwide.